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Intensive Technique


Silent Open Classes in Technique*​

Thursdays 7 pm - 8 pm (1 hr)

TERM 3: Jul 24 - Sep 25


$290 Early Bird/ $350 after July 18.


Drop in rate: $35

Multiple level attendance:

50% off aditional class/classes term fee.

(Early Bird does not apply)



The focus here is on a significantly more aggressive refinement of basic techniques. It is the beginning of the pursuit of more sophisticated levels of technical facility through sustained, intensive drilling with close attention to detail.


* Silent Class: this class is run in a strict,  traditional manner, where  students are not welcome to interrupt instruction. Any questions must be reserved for special question time which is granted as the teacher sees fit.


It's open to anyone above beginner level who can handle the demands of a serious drilling class. Those who are more advanced will be given more complex challenges, while those who are more elementary will be instructed to only focus on certain elements of the drill, so everyone will be doing the same drill in different ways.

This will be hard core muscular drilling, so please think of it as you would any gym session. I will crack the whip and push the class hard, developing muscular control and establishing muscle memory. Participants must take the drilling seriously and not flake out. The only agenda is to develop precision, agility, and stamina. Nothing more.




BSB# 815000  Account# 102528  Account Name: Nifty Fifty

When you make the payment please include clear details in the reference field:

• the Term you're paying for (eg T1, T2), plus

• your full name,


eg: T4 Jane Citizen

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