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Alianza Flamenca is an international non-profit organisation set up to develop and encourage a broader understanding of the art of flamenco, particularly flamenco dancing.


Domingo Ortega, world famous Spanish flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher, became Alianza Flamenca's Patron in 2010.


Alianza Flamenca offers a formal syllabus, providing standard exercises in braceo (carriage of arms), zapateado (footwork), vueltas (turns), palillos (castanets), palmas (hand clapping), and repertoire.


In my experience it is one of the most effective syllabi for flamenco dance and an indispesible benchmarking tool within any teacher's own method. Indeed, this course work is incorporated into my classes as an adjunct to my own method. It is particularly useful as a tool for students, allowing them to monitor their own progress in a complex and difficult art form.


Domingo Ortega,

Flamenco Maestro

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