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Business cross links with The Flamenco Centre Canberra

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I'm launching a new website (yay!) and invite you to establish a cross-link between our two websites.


Ever wondered why some people's businesses always rank on Page One of an internet search page? Where does your business rank on a Google search?


Apart from using keywords in their meta-data, these Page One businesses attract Search Engines to their sites by using cross-links. Cross-links enhance SEO =  Search Engine Optimisation. Cross-links are a piece of pie.


This fact of SEO is a powerful internet marketing strategy; it's free, and so easy to do - but it's a strategy often missed by small businesses.


Cross-links raise your search profile, so Search Engines consider you more desirable, and rank you higher on the page on search requests. Remember, most customers don't look past the first page of search results, so it's crucial that your business appears on Page 1.


How to do it?


All we need to do is either:



mention each other's name or business on our website, and attach an active link to that word direct to the other website, or



you can avoid writing any text and simply list these cross-links on a separate 'links page' on your website - actually this idea is good because it's easy to keep track of all your cross-links at a glance.


If you'd like to keep a cross-link with my website please drop me a line - I can help you if you're not sure what to do. 


If you'd rather not, I understand and respect your privacy - no need to respond.




Tomás Dietz please update these listings to show /canberra and /sydney:


Sydney Branch of Tomás Dietz Method

Jamac Plastics

True Local

Aussieweb (not if they don't recognise website paths)

Los Carmonas


Flamenco Dance Teachers Online

Flamenco Australia Magazine



Ausdance ACT

Ausdance NSW

Belconnen Arts Centre

ACT Communities Online

Facebook Page

Other online teachers listings

Performers listings online

Yellow Pages

Koala something or rather...

Laura Uhe website?

Alianza Flamenca - will they list me as a teacher?

Pasion Flamenco

Foro Flamenco

Other forums

Gardening australia etc etc

That guy who wrote an articl on my dancing


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