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Special Children’s Flamenco Dance Classes, 2016

Growing a new generation of Australian Flamencos in Canberra!
Enrol now to secure your place.

For ages 8+
Wednesdays 4pm - 5.30pm (1.5 hours)
Starts 24th February 2016
by registration only.
Cost: Term 1: $300

@ St Peter’s Lutheran Church Hall,
Boolee St, Reid (on site parking).


Under the guidance of expert professional teacher, maestro Tomás Dietz, students will be shown the basic elements of flamenco dance technique, including footwork percussion, arm work, flamenco rhythms, and understanding flamenco music and culture. Complete dance routines will used as a vehicle to bring the techniques together.  Castanets will be introduced later in the year.

The principles of biomechanics and applied core body conditioning are used to support safe, efficient movement and techniques at all times.

Spanish cultural elements and attitudes will underpin classroom delivery to give students the appropriate context in which to build their specialised skill.


Occasional performances are expected, but aren't the main focus of the early stages of training. The priority is to establish a high level of genuine flamenco dance skill, with a solid understanding of the crucial relationship between flamenco dance, guitar and song. Responsible training such as this takes time, so parents are advised that children won't be ready for an audience for some time.

This learning environment is based on positive reinforcement, yet it is not a play activity and strong discipline is expected at all times.  Parents aren't permitted to remain in the classroom - drop off and pick up only ('open days' will be organised for end of terms). Thank you for your understanding.

Prerequisites and Aptitude:

Flamenco dance is a complex and serious discipline (similar to martial arts or ballet), with technique that's routinely drilled, and thus may not suit the bearing of every child. Therefore, students are screened for a natural desire to dance, strong sense of discipline  and diligence, and willingness to follow instructions.

All students will need appropriate flamenco shoes and attire. Read more here: What To Wear and Where To Buy Flamenco Gear.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Maestro Dietz
The Flamenco Centre Canberra
Mobile: 0408 299 747

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