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Alianza Flamenca is one of the most reputable examining bodies for flamenco dance. Course work from the Alianza Flamenca syllabus is incorporated into my classes as a benchmarking tool, providing standard, examinable exercises in braceo (carriage of arms), zapateado (footwork), vueltas (turns), palillos (castanets), palmas (hand clapping), and repertoire. The exams also give the students themselves a benchmarking tool to help them monitor their progress in a complex and difficut art form.


Exams are not compulsory and held only if there are sufficient candidates registered. Students must pay for these exams which are conducted either in Canberra or Sydney depending on numbers of candidates.


Examiners are externally sourced and have no affiliation with the Flamenco Centre except to provide objective assessment.


Students wishing to skip grades to sit for a particular exam grade should first consult with me.

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