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Is Flamenco Easy To Learn?

The personal rewards of flamenco are immense and stay with you forever. But, real flamenco is not easy, and being a real flamenco student is not easy either.


It will take a long time before things come together - give it at least two years.

Flamenco is complex, highly technical, physically taxing and emotionally demanding, with nuances firmly rooted in the Spanish culture. These challenges often seem confronting and overwhelming to beginners in our society.

Please understand that real flamenco can't be faked or learned in a few weeks. The simplest flamenco sequence requires deep knowledge and a solid grounding in quality technique, and this comes from careful hard work in and out of class (this means lots of practice in your own time).


Let me be very clear that I make no concessions to this art form, so you must be prepared to surrender and follow me. And remember, pretense, impatience and not practicing are all anathema to me.

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