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Guitar Accompaniment

Niño Ricardo 1904 -1972

Sabicas 1912 - 1990

Paco de Lucena 1859 - 1898

Juan Breva 1844 - 1918


If you're learning flamenco guitar you may be able to join our special guitar group which accompanies one of the dance technique classes. 


The opportunity to play in an actual flamenco dance class is rarely offered to novice guitarists, and so this is a very special situation in Australia.


These sessions are not guitar tuition classes, but rather a drilling opportunity within a live flamenco context. For this reason guitarists are advised to practice their own technique and repertoire throughout the week in preparation for accompaniment.


The appointed Guitar Team Leader is Mr Dan Sloss, Director of the Canberra Classical Guitar Society.


All guitarists must enrol and pay the Term Fee to participate.

Session Details

New times for dance classes:


Intermediate and Beyond:

12 - 1pm


Beginner - Intermediate:

1 - 2pm

TERM 1: Feb 5 - Apr 9


Term Fee $100









When you make your payment please specify the Term you're paying for + your full name, eg:

T1 John Citizen

  • Police Bank

  • BSB# 815000

  • Account# 102528

  • Account Name: Nifty Fifty

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