Monthly Saturday Jams



Group Leader: Tomás Dietz



A monthly workshop style confluence of guitarists, dancers, and percussionists to really get into their craft within a group process, strengthening their intertwined relationships and developing skills and repertoire required to blast the roof off. 

Every step of the way will be mutually beneficial, where everyone is proactive and involved, so the understanding of flamenco is more complete and balanced. From my perspective that’s the difference between a specialised class and a mixed jam.

Organic yet highly disciplined.


Registration, Membership Fees and Payments

Annual fee TBC. Fees are not refundable nor transferable, and credit is not given for missed sessions.

All payment by EFT only. Transfer to:


Police Bank BSB 815000
Account number: 102528
Account name: Nifty Fifty
Please write your full name in the transfer reference.


The FCC is compliant with current government mandates and recommendations, and requires all FCC members to also be compliant at all times. Upon entry to the building all attendees are to check in using the BAC and FCC QR codes which are clearly displayed. Within the confined air space of the dance studio all students must maintain 4 sq m surrounding distance between one another, wear a suitable face mask at all times*, use hand sanitiser, and avoid gathering at entrances.

* This may prove inconvenient for some, and is understandable, but it is our upheld requirement nonetheless. Please consider this before paying your fees.