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High Level
General Class

Technique & Choreography​

Sundays 5.30pm - 7pm

SEMESTER 1:  10th Feb - 7th July

Early Bird Discount $945 pay before 1st Feb.



The focus here is on more aggressive refinement of basic techniques. It is the beginning of the pursuit of more professional levels of technical facility through sustained, intensive drilling with close attention to detail, as well as technically appropriate choreography.


Basic techniques should already be well grasped to accommodate advanced drilling. This includes working knowledge of 12 and 4 beat compáses, recognition of common palos, standard structures of marking passages (marcaje), llamadas, and remates. In addition, correct execution of braceo, zapateado, vueltas and body alignment etc. will be the minimal expectation at all times.

If facility in basic technique is lacking it is recommended to also enrol in lower level classes to fix any problems. Generous discounts are offered to students who enrol in other classes for remedial purposes.



Course Material:


  • Advanced general drilling in all standard techniques.


  • Consolidation of palmas and jaleo.


  • Choreography: Alegrías, Soleá por Bulería, Seguiriyas, Fiesta Tangos




BSB# 815000  Account# 102528  Account Name: Nifty Fifty

When you make the payment please include clear details in the reference field:

• the Semester you're paying for (eg SEM1, SEM2), plus

• your full name,


eg: SEM4 Jane Citizen

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