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Terms & Conditions - Finances

Membership payments must be made in advance before Semester commences. Payments made after Semester commences are not eligible for any discount.


In 2019 Semester fees are calculated at the base hourly rate of $35 Early Bird or $40 full fee.



No refunds, credits or transfers are given. This is not negotiable even if the student's circumstances change to cause absence. There is no dispensation given for any reason including illness, mishap, relocation, change of lifestyle or loss of desire or interest.


Cancelled Course:

Full refund is given if a course is cancelled.


Student Deferral: 

No dispensation is given to deferral.


Late Payments: 

All late payments (made after Semester commences) must be the full fee.

If you're experiencing financial difficulty please discuss payment options with Tomás before Semester commences to avoid penalties.


Deductions for Planned Absences: 

No deductions are given for any absences, including foreseen ones.


Missed Classes: 

Credit/refund is not given for any missed classes, and make up classes are not an entitlement. It is solely the student's responsibility to manage class attendance. Membership allows students to come and go within the paid Semester; attendance and absence is the sole responsibility of the student.


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