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"Having the opportunity to study under an authentic flamenco artist in Australia is a rare treat. Having experienced being taught flamenco in Spain by some amazing dancers, I can confidently say that Tomás is on par with them. 


"What makes him extra special for me is his dual cultural identity, allowing him to effectively transfer his authentic Spanish flamenco knowledge within the Australian context. 


"Thank you for being in Canberra!"


- Kasia Gabrys

"Tomás is a master teacher.  As a teacher he is friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging, respectful, non-judgemental, patient and responsive to student needs.  His warm sense of humour allows him to present challenging material in an approachable and non-threatening way.  Tomás' depth of knowledge is apparent in the way he integrates both technical material and cultural context into each class. Importantly, Tomás ensures students gain a solid grounding in understanding flamenco music.


"Tomás creates a friendly and supportive learning environment. He clearly communicates the skills that students need to master, and provides positive individual feedback to help students hone their technique.  Tomás doesn't dumb down or dilute technique for beginning students, but rather breaks down movements with clarity and precision. 


"Choreographic sequences are used to support student's exploration and integration of technique and to develop musicality.  Tomás also takes advantage of social media to provide students with access to learning resources and extension materials.


"Tomás' classes are a delight.  Come prepared to work hard and you will enjoy yourself immensely."


- Laura Barwick

"Learning with you is to finally take a deep breath, and feel flamenco in my self, in spirit and in music even if the body is no longer able to interpret what I feel... you allow each of us as individuals to progress with each class and also to want to persevere."


- Debra Holland

“Flamenco is one of the most challenging forms of dance.


"Classes with Tomás are technically precise, creative and fun.  His attention to detail has meant my dancing continues to improve.”


- Kath, Weston Creek 

"I discovered The Flamenco Centre about 6 months ago and I haven't looked back since.


"I love learning a completely new and different style of dance to any other that I have previously experienced. The techniques are challenging but incredibly rewarding to learn. 


"And, Tomás is a fantastic teacher - energetic, passionate and with an eye for detail. If you are looking for an interesting, challenging and rewarding new hobby, I would definitely recommend The Flamenco Centre."


- Natasha Whitelaw

"Tomás Dietz is an extremely inspiring teacher of flamenco dance.  His high level of understanding and technical expertise allow him to demonstrate and explain each technique in great detail. He is expert in devising drills to work on particular techniques, and is able to tailor these to suit individual students’ needs.


"Tomás’ in-depth understanding of the musical and choreographic traditions of flamenco is also communicated in his classes.  He guides students through the intricacies of flamenco music and dance through stunning choreographies, which develop them technically as dancers as well as giving them musical knowledge and experience.


"Tomás’ patience, understanding and good humour make him a wonderful teacher – he is persistent, but always able to find new ways to communicate and willing to take time for explanations and demonstrations.  I have benefitted greatly from his knowledge and his teaching."


- Pip Thompson

"Tomás' energy and passion for flamenco is infectious.

"My technique improved enormously in 2 years of classes and I'm now confident to perform at festivals and for friends!"


- Hazel Parry

  (Research Scientist CSIRO)

"I have gained so much from flamenco classes, the drill, the technique, the choreography. 


"Flamenco is such a beautiful art form and classes with Tomás bring the beauty and musicality alive. Classes are very challenging but there is no pressure to progress. 


"Tomás goes beyond teaching flamenco, with an extensive knowledge of physiology and nutrition. He always ensures movements are executed correctly and patiently answers every question. 


"The Flamenco Centre is so fortunate to have a Director who is a patient and creative teacher, who is also a brilliant dancer and great choreographer and brings that to every class."


- Kim Czubryj

"Through his emphasis on both solid technique and genuine expression in performance, Tomás gave me the confidence to express myself through flamenco dance."


- Rebecca, O'Connor

"I have been doing Tomás’ flamenco classes for 18 months and love them.


"Tomás provides an excellent mix of technique, choreography, performance craft, musical information and cultural information. The dances are beautiful,  the music is fantastic and all our work is based on sound technique. Tomás has a wealth of flamenco knowledge that he freely shares with his students.


"I love the fact that these classes exercise both the body and the mind."


- Cait Greenup

"Every week I look forward to my next lesson with beautiful music, a creative variety of rhythmic and physical dance challenges, friendly students, and a highly knowledgable and experienced teacher who teaches with patience, precision and humour.  "


- Jan Anderson-Muir

"Tomás is a wonderful teacher! I love his Flamenco class. He is always smiling and bursting with energy. He even puts on a skirt sometimes to show the female students how to use those in their dances!


"Together with the special Flamenco Shoes we use castanets, hand-made skirts in class and we are about to start training in our fan skills. 


"Tomás teaches his own choreographies and they are amazing! 


"He inspires and encourages me to perform to my maximum capacity whilst in class and to also weekly practice with the fellow students.


"Tomás motivates the class to perform at various festivals around town and to get out on Monday nights, especially when it is very cold and dark in Canberra in winter. 


"I would recommend Tomás as a Flamenco teacher to anyone interested in Flamenco. There are four skill levels, so everyone can find a class to join. 


"I would also recommend Tomás as a very amicable and caring person."


- Snejana Karmanovskaia (Paralegal at Blumers Lawyers)

"Tomás' teaching has been a revelation to me.


"I had always got away with being good with footwork, remembering choreography and having a bit of style, but I had never had what I see now is an actual technique. Tomas has taught me that - though I am not as fast as learning this as I would hope! I am inspired to practice aspects of my dance that I had resigned myself to being my weaknesses.


"He inspires me to learn more about truly being a dancer and an artist. He is a generous and sensitive teacher and I genuinely appreciate his inclusiveness in a community which has a tradition in Australia of being fragmented and clique-y. Gracias, Tomás.


- GEMMA, Croydon Park

"I joined the beginner's class at The Flamenco Centre because I read in a magazine that this type of dance might help fix the severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (pinched nerves) I had in both my wrists and save me from having surgery.  I was a bit worried because I am not naturally coordinated and I was 58 so I thought I would be much older than the other students and perhaps too old to learn Flamenco dance.  But Tomás encouraged me to come and give it a try.

"I loved Flamenco dancing right from my first lesson. Tomás our teacher was supportive and demonstrated what he wanted us to do clearly.  The dancing was challenging but fun, and everyone in the class was friendly and enjoying themselves.


"That was two years ago and I've enjoyed every lesson since. The dancing and exercises are really varied and require a lot of concentration so it never gets boring. You don't need a partner so you can attend classes on your own and practice by yourself at home. You don't need any expensive clothes or equipment –I just wear a t-shirt and an old full skirt and $35 shoes I bought in a sale. Of course you can get beautiful flamenco skirts and one day I’m going to buy one!


"Tomás is a great teacher – he loves the Flamenco dance and the music and always encourages us to do our best. I hope I'll still be dancing Flamenco when I'm in my 80s – it's a really enjoyable way of keeping fit and flexible and it keeps my brain working at full capacity too. But most of all it is great fun and it looks really good when we master a difficult piece of choreography! We all leave the class with a great sense of achievement."


Mary Bomford

"I always look forward to Tomás Dietz visits to Perth for both his dedication and generosity as both teacher and guest performer with Danza Viva.


"He truly is an inspiration and my only regret is that there are not more frequent opportunities to work with him."


- Julia Anwar McHenry

  (Social Research and Development)

"After many years working at a computer I needed to improve my posture and flexibility so decided to enrol in some flamenco dance lessons at the Flamenco Centre. I'm happy I did this. 


"The Centre was really approachable, no prior experience was needed and no age restrictions. The instructor is very friendly and professional. There are plenty of challenges to keep interested but a lot of fun at the same time. 


"I think flamenco dance is perfect for keeping in good shape but also there is a great opportunity to advancing yourself in the art of Flamenco dance for anyone who wishes to pursue it more seriously."


- Miri Robinson

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