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What do I wear in a flamenco class?


Entry Level Beginners


  • In your first Term (your introduction to flamenco) you may wear ordinary casual clothes that allow full, unrestricted movement (especially when lifting arms above the head, and deep lunging of the legs). Sports wear is very good in this regard. 


  • Women can choose to wear a full flared skirt.


  • Shoes should be secure leather shoes or light riding boots, which have a chunky supportive heel (eg a 'Cuban' heel). The toe section must be completely closed to protect your toes. Runners, Sneakers, Tennis shoes and similar rubber-soled shoes are a not suitable as they stick to the floor and hinder flamenco technique.


  • Stilettos and similarly ridiculous heels are definitely NOT allowed in class as they are dangerously unstable and also leave nasty little dents in the floor.

Ladies' Flamenco Shoe

Men's Flamenco Boot

Ladies' Practice Skirt

Ladies' Practice Skirt

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