New Beginners


Acquiring a solid foundation in flamenco dance through the elegant dance, Sevillanas.



10.30-11.30 am

@ Belconnen Arts Centre

118 Emu Bank, Belconnen


TERM 1, 2021
7 February - 28 March

Please refer to Calendar for specific dates and holidays.

MEMBERSHIP FEE:  $240 (no discounts)

Teacher: Angelica Casado


Using the choreography of the elegant festival dance, 'Sevillanas', students will be guided through essential flamenco dance technique. This includes: footwork percussion; upper body posture, arms and hands; understanding fundamental rhythmic patterns and cycles. 


What does 'Membership fee' mean?

This fee means you are a full member of the Flamenco Centre Canberra - you can drop in to any class at any time (if your skills level allows it) and participate in all open FCC activities. Fees are not refundable nor transferable, and credit is not given for missed classes. Fees are credited or refunded only if a class is cancelled by FCC. Members must take this into consideration when managing their attendance and participation.

What do I wear in class?

Please click here for recommendations.


Can I do a trial class?
We offer an public Open Day class in January as a taster. Beyond that, trial classes are not offered. Because flamenco is so complex, we encourage new students to complete a full term before they decide to continue or stop:

1. It's unrealistic to gauge your suitability from one class. Flamenco dance requires diligence and stamina - you already know if you have these qualities;
2. If you're unsure of the quality of the teaching, then please read my credentials in my biography.
3. If you don't know what flamenco is, it's better to watch flamenco videos on Youtube before making a commitment to our classes. 

What if it seems too difficult?

Please persevere. It's natural that people experience some degree of frustration at some point, especially in something so new, complex and technically precise. Like any specialist physical training, eg football or Taekwondo, flamenco needs physical commitment to make it work. Dance too, is 99% muscle and bone.

What if I miss a class?
One or two classes should not set you back too much. I video important steps or techniques which you can view on the website.  Students who practice consistently are rarely disadvantaged by missing classes.


Can I bring a visitor to watch a class?

No. To preserve the comfort and focus of students and teachers, visitors are not allowed.

What if my progress is slow? Can I blame the teacher? Progress is a good indication of how much effort the student makes in practicing.

I don't have much time to practice. Any ideas?
You could start with 10 minutes a day, at least the next day after class, before the energy leaves your body. That's more effective than a big chunk of time isolated once a week, or cramming just before class. You cannot cram-learn physical skills.


If I'm not Spanish, will it matter?
Certainly not. Flamenco dance is a physical activity that requires muscle, bone and plain hard work. Nuance, however requires constant watching of seasoned flamenco artists - thank heaven for Youtube!

The best kind of student is one who tries their best and is hungry to learn more, and pursues flamenco knowledge all the time. The only barrier to learning and getting good at flamenco is lack of action.

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