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Continuing Beginners



10.30-11.30 am

TERM 1, 2022
27 Feb - 3 April

Teacher: Tomás Dietz



Developing technical skills and confidence through the elegant and highly nuanced festival dance, 'Sevillanas'.

Take your time with this dance - because so much movement is repeated, it's a great chance to examine and work on your technique.


Registration, Membership Fees and Payments

Fees are not refundable nor transferable once classes commence, and credit is not given for missed classes.

All payment by EFT only. Transfer to:


Police Bank BSB 815000
Account number: 102528
Account name: Nifty Fifty
Please write your full name in the transfer reference.



  1. What does 'Membership fee' mean?

  2. What should I wear in class?

  3. Can I do a trial class?

  4. What if it seems too difficult?

  5. What if I miss a class?

  6. Can I bring a visitor to watch a class?

  7. What if my progress is slow; can I blame the teacher?

  8. I don't have much time to practice – will this be a problem?

  9. I'm not Spanish; will it matter?


What does 'Membership fee' mean?

This fee means you're a paid member of the Flamenco Centre Canberra and can attend classes. Members qualify for any discounts for workshops or ticketed events run by the FCC. The membership fee is not refundable nor transferable, and credit is not given for missed classes. Fees are credited or refunded only if a class is cancelled by FCC. Members must take this into consideration when managing their attendance and participation.



What do I wear in class?

Clothes that are loose and comfortable (exercise gear is fine). But no sneakers as they stick to the floor - please wear hard soled shoes with a chunky heel. Stilettos or similar pointy heels are not permitted.




Can I do a trial class?
Trial classes are not offered:


  • flamenco is complex, and requires diligence and stamina - this is known from the outset. We encourage new students to manage the hurdle of a full term before deciding to go up or out.


  • if you're unsure of the quality of the teaching, then please read our credentials in our biographies. If you're still unsure it's unlikely we are a match.


  • if you don't know what flamenco is then it's unwise to join.



What if it seems too difficult?

Please persevere. It's natural that people experience some degree of frustration at some point, especially in something so new, complex and technically precise. Like any specialist physical training, eg football or Taekwondo, flamenco needs physical commitment to make it work. Dance is 99% muscle and bone.



What if I miss a class?
One or two classes should not set you back too much. I video important steps or techniques which are posted on WhatsApp.  Students who practice consistently are rarely disadvantaged by missing classes.




Can I bring a visitor to watch a class?

No. To preserve the privacy and focus of students and teachers, visitors are not allowed. Please do not bring visitors and expect me to let them stay, as refusal often offends.



What if my progress is slow? Can I blame the teacher? There is a direct correlation between progress and your effort at home between classes. Classes instruct you what to do - you then go home and do it...over and over and over until progress happens.



I don't have much time to practice. Any ideas?
Most people can find 10 minutes a day (the time you would take to sip a latte) to keep the wound open. Best to do this within one day of learning the material in class, before the lightbulb leaves your body - this is building muscle memory. If you can, avoid a mad cram once a week, or cramming just before class because it's actually pointless and only gives you a false impression of ability that disappears as quickly as it was crammed in.


If I'm not Spanish, will it matter?
Certainly not. Flamenco dance is a physical activity that requires muscle, bone and plain hard work. Nuance gives it flavour, and you can pick this up by watching, watching, watching. Youtube is an incredible resource for this reason.

Remember - the best kind of student is one who tries THEIR BEST and is hungry to learn more, pursuing flamenco knowledge all the time. The only barrier to learning and getting good at flamenco is... lack of action.

Thank you for reading this far.

Trial classes
Missed classes
Practice time

The FCC is compliant with current government mandates and recommendations, and requires all FCC members to also be compliant at all times. Upon entry to the building all attendees are to check in using the BAC and FCC QR codes which are clearly displayed. Within the confined air space of the dance studio all students must maintain 4 sq m surrounding distance between one another, wear a suitable face mask at all times*, use hand sanitiser, and avoid gathering at entrances.

* This may prove inconvenient for some, and is understandable, but it is our upheld requirement nonetheless. Please consider this before paying your fees.

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