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Terms & Conditions - Conduct

The Flamenco Centre (The Centre) is a private enterprise established and directed by Tomás Dietz. The Centre's guiding principles aim to foster a friendly, welcoming, productive environment - within the discipline - to enable students to realise their own potential.


To help Tomás achieve this aim, please be guided by the following points regarding conduct in class:


  • As a member of the Centre, you are expected to take the responsibility for making progress into your own hands. Class is for disseminating information, but the student's ability and skill is acquired solely by the efforts of the student in practice outside of class. The teacher is not to blame for students' lack of progress;

  • Work hard at all times and don't become complacent. Remember you joined to learn a new art form, and consistent effort will bring you great results;


  • Reserve questions until after the Tomás has completed instruction - oftentimes questions interrupt the unfolding answer. Tomás is an experienced teacher and full understanding is methodically developed. Tomás will usually ask if students have any questions following new instruction.


  • Yield. Comply with Tomás' directives and requests, whether in class or performance. It is not appropriate to complain unless you are suffering a medical condition that requires treatment.


  • SANCTUARY: Any classroom of The Flamenco Centre is an environment for personal development and learning, mutual respect and courtesy shown to fellow classmates, visitors, and to all teachers. Disruptive behaviour which disturbs individuals or the class is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Discriminatory behaviour against any fellow student or staff member will not be tolerated, particularly if based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or lifestyle choice. Offenders will be counselled to resolve any conflict or injustice; failing resolution, offenders will be expelled at the discretion of Tomás', with no refund on any fees paid.


All grievances, complaints and disputes experienced in any classroom of The Flamenco Centre must be be made transparent and brought immediately and directly to Tomás for resolution.


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