Entry Level


Establishing a solid foundation

for authentic flamenco dance.



5.00-6.00 pm

@ Belconnen Arts Centre

118 Emu Bank, Belconnen


28 July - 15 December

Please refer to Calendar for specific dates and holidays.

MEMBERSHIP FEE:  $525 (no discounts)

Teacher: Angelica Casado



Establishing fundamental flamenco dance techniques whilst approaching basic choreography to give context to the material.

Please remember you are in control of the outcome:
The complexity and techniques of flamenco require attention, so you should practice between classes to ensure that you make progress. Classes simply provide the material for practice.


What do I wear in class?

Please click here for recommendations.

What if it's too difficult?

Please persevere. Flamenco is a difficult art to coordinate in the early days and needs a good amount of time for the body to sort things out. Everybody gets there in the end!

Can I do a trial class?
Unlike social dancing classes, I don't offer trial classes because of the long term nature of flamenco learning. It's impossible to gauge your suitability in one class as the body needs a lot of repeated physical effort to notice significant achievement. If you really have no idea what's involved in a flamenco dance class I suggest you do a Youtube search under 'flamenco dance classes' - there are many posts to look at, some high quality, some not.


What if I don't like it?

I suggest you persevere. Refunds/credit/transfer is not given unless a course is cancelled. 

It's natural that people experience some degree of frustration at one point or another, especially in something so new, complex and technically precise, only to become addicted once their motor skills fall in line.


What if I miss a class?
One or two classes should not set you back too much. I video important steps or techniques which you can view on the website.  Another very good idea is to get together with other students and practice together between classes. Practice, whether on your own or with others, is a crucial part of learning - remember that classes are only for gathering information - you must practice the material regularly to make it part of your muscle memory which you build on in the next class.


What if my progress is slow? Can I blame the teacher?
Practice. Practice. Practice. That's all there is to it. You can't learn dance simply by attending a class. You can blame the teacher, but we both know that's not right.

I don't have much time to practice. Any ideas?
You only need to 10 minutes a day, starting the next day after class, before the energy leaves your body. That's more effective than a big chunk of time once a week, or a day before class. You cannot cram-learn physical skills.


If I'm not Spanish will it matter?
No. Flamenco dance is a human activity. The best student is one who tries their best and is hungry to learn more, and pursues flamenco knowledge all the time. The only barrier to learning flamenco is a poor attitude.


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